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Criatia Island Rab Holidays on the island of sun, sea and silence. Book your accommodation on the island Rab.
       The island Rab, situated in northern Adriatic, in the Kvarner bay also offers wonderful resorts to her guests beside marvellous bays. Croatia Holidaj RabThe island Rab in natural way is protected by the high mountains of the Velebit mountains, so that here all year round continental air rules. Here in summer the air is warmed up on an average 26 degrees, in winter the average temperatures lie about 7 degrees.

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On a small peninsula the most important place of the island has lain, the city Rab. She greets her guests with high city walls and impressive bell towers. The oldest part of the city is Kaldanac in the south which is known, above all, by his winding lanes. Here one finds a row of numerous monuments. However, the city also offers countless restaurants, clubs and cafés as well as boutiques and the city park Komrcar. For epicures of classical music the performances taking place every week in the cathedral of Rab as well as in the church of the Holy cross are an indescribable experience.

The places Banjol and Barbat are built directly by the sea and are connected with each other. Tourists are drawn here by idyllic bath bays where one of course the sun enjoy, however, also water sport and other attraction can find. Kroatien Apartments RabAbove all, long walks on the beaches are liked very much. In the north of the island Rab the place Lopar which is surrounded by fertile woods is to be found. Here the nicest beach of the island, long sandy beach is found. Above all, families with children come here with pleasure, because the beach drops gently in the water, besides, is found completely nearby an entertainment centre and sports centre.

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The Kvarner bay, one of the most important destinations of Croatia, lies in the northeast part of Adriatic. Already since the 1950s tourists love the Kvarner bay with her many lonesome bays as well as the ideal district for sail fans. However, here not only in summer, also in winter there are countless holiday possibilities. Krk, Cres, Rab and Losinj belong to the most important islands of the Kvarner bay. Krk is, on this occasion, the biggest island of the bay and is connected even about a bridge with the mainland. Here one finds some of the nicest beaches of Croatia.


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